About Me

For over 6 years Kavish Rajpaul has spent honing his photographic skills in countries like France, South Africa, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. His recipe for success is his acumen to articulate story rich images thereby emotionally connecting his target audience with the photos. Kavish recently documented life in France and his time spent on the streets of Paris have won him numerous awards for its artistic take on parisian life.

Kavish’s love for capturing life in a unique and natural way in his numerous photographic journeys around the world has translated into a documentary style of wedding photography not seen before. Kavish truly believes in capturing precious moments in a unique and artistic way such that 20 or 30 years down the line, when his clients look at their wedding album, they will feel the love they felt when they first fell in love. His unique documentary style of wedding photography exquisitely translates in capturing moments as they happen without personally directing the ceremony or nuptials. Kavish truly believes in this way of creating images as it translates into emotional rich images that are unique and real

Kavish specializes in documentary wedding photography, fashion and travel and is based in Durban, South Africa, however will lovingly travel to all parts of the world documenting your precious moments.