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Sagaai, Mehndi, Pithi and Sanji: Shaheel and Alka

This was day 2 of Shaheel and Alka's wedding. Gujarati weddings are famous for their rich style, filled with many traditional values and vibrant celebrations. Day 2 started off with the Engagement(Sagaai) and ended with the Sanji. It was great to see guests from all over world enjoying the celebrations. Enjoy some of highlights:) Much Love and Gratitude:)


Mendhi and Hurdhi: Alka

I came back from an amazing inspiring break and feel I need to share this beautiful celebration. Whenever I travel, moments of clarity and gratitude surface. I think about my life's path and how following my gut led me to telling stories through photography. I heard something the other day that really resonated with me: "When you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing will do itself" Much love and gratitude:)